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We’re a different kind of agency — focused on being collaborative partners to transform your business. Leveraging data, technology and 25+ years of innovation to set brands on a journey of unlocking new growth and enhancing the love retailers and shoppers have for your brand from sell in to sell through.


This is what we do.

1-Brand-Development 2024.png
2-Insights-Based-Creative-Concepts 2024.png
3-Shopper-Marketing-Planning-And-Omnichannel-Activation 2024.png
4-ROAS-Modeling-And-Post-Promo-Analysis 2024.png
5-Digital-Shelf-Content-And-Optimization 2024.png
6-Website-And-Ecommerce-Development 2024.png
7-Social-And-Influencer-Campaigns 2024.png
8-B2B-Trade-Show-Activation 2024.png

A better agency model.

Agile, creative, collaborative & efficient relationships make for better outcomes for all. Much more fulflilling than feeding corporate overlords, glacial time tables and the rigid processes of the past.

Ground breaking solutions that punch far above their weight when it comes to getting results. - Julie Emmett, Sr Director Plant Based Foods Association
Higher deliverable quality & quantity with 60% savings over our last shopper agency. - Diane Dobson, Former Sr Manager Shopper Marketing at Smuckers
Super collaborative & experienced team plays exceptionally well in the sandbox with buyers, other agencies, and internal cross-functional teams. - Randi Jachino, VP of Marketing at Weleda

It’s all about the right people.

The Parabolic team, built from a mix of the best people we’ve ever worked with —both employees and consultants, allows us to only staff for the projects at hand from a roster of people with a track record of collaboration and great success.


Let's talk.

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1492 West Lincoln Street,
Birmingham, MI 48009

Jason – 646.408.8508
Mary – 510.220.5301

Listen to 20 min overview on Shopper Marketing from Mary Tarczynski on Bricks & Clicks Podcast:

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